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Privacy Policy

TheiGroup may collect registration information, contact and customer requirement information, and other information (including e-mail addresses) on this Web Service. This is done to help us provide our customers with the best customer service and with valuable information regarding relevant products and services from TheiGroup and appropriate third parties.

TheiGroup is dedicated to protecting personal information and will make every reasonable effort to handle collected information appropriately. All information collected, as well as related requests, will be handled as carefully and efficiently as possible in accordance with TheiGroup's standards for integrity and objectivity.

About the iGroup

The iGroup is a leading UK business directory consisting of 50 local county sites. Our directory was first launched in 2004 and has grown from the original iDorset to cover the entire UK including Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Our website audience is consistently growing due to our continued success and now with over 700,000 local businesses listed there’s never been a better time to get listed. All listings submissions are approved by a team of editors ensuring our directory provides information of the highest quality.

Our basic service is free and always will be!

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